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Hotels & Resorts in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Located in The South coast of the central region of Cuba, Cienfuegos has a singular history which is present in the Castle of Our Mother of Los Angeles of Jagua, loaded of legend that for 250 years has been the only access defending the best sea to one of bays of raft of The Hispanic America. has the latest and Best Travel Deals to Cienfuegos.

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Their excellence as far as depth, defense and the inner presence of keys and coves turned the bay into a refuge against storms of the Caribbean Sea for the navigators of long ago, while today they have turned it into an ideal scene for regatas and matches of fast boats and jet skies.

Cienfuegos, capital of the province with the same name, was designed in its definitive layout by French colonos in 1819. Those pioneers coming from Bordeaux and La Luisiana laid the the urbanistic foundations of civil architecture that gives singularity to the city, and attest their refinement. The perfect layout of their streets, harmonically conjugated with multiple constructions and other elements of high architectural value, reveals he splendor of a cosmopolitan culture with a strong French accent, and allows the visitor to breathe the neoclassic atmosphere that distinguishes this large city, raised at the border of a bay of strongly rooted marine traditions, in a region also equipped with innumerable natural attractiveness and a vast culinary culture.

The city was named Cienfuegos as of 1830 and was distinguished with that title half a century later, it has much to show to those who visit it. At La Antigua Plaza de Armas, is Park Jose Marti, where you will find the only Triumph Arc in Cuba, The Cathedral of Nuestra Senora of Ia Purisima Concepcion, the school San Lorenzo, The House of the Founder and the Tomas Terry theater are places that must be visited, like the castle of Nuestra Senora of Los Angeles of Jagua and the Palaces of VaIle and Ferrer. Other less interesting sites are the cemetery, El Jardin Tomas Acea, that stands out because of their portico, a replica of the Partenon made in white marble ; the Botanic Garden founded on 1900, The Naval Museum, el Paseo del Prado, or the own Malecon, from where bahia is possible the small existing keys within the palacetes that still call attention to Punta Gorda.

At little distance of the city, you will find magnificent beaches like Rancho Luna (18 km) and places of strong natural attractiveness like the Niche, the valle de Yaguanabo, La Hacienda La Vega, La Finca La lsabela, the Martin Infierno Cave, with its gigantic stalactite of more then 60 ms of height, or the unmistakable landscape of Guajimico, caught between the sea and the mountain.

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  • taxes: $180.00
    Toronto to Cienfuegos
    Hotel Faro Luna 2.5 star
    Breakfast | 31 Aug 2014 | 7 Nts
  • taxes: $190.00
    Montreal to Cienfuegos
    Hotel Faro Luna 2.5 star
    Breakfast | 15 Nov 2014 | 7 Nts

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