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South America Hotels & Resorts For Less, We offer four exciting countries in South America; Cartegena, Columbia, Panama, San Andres Island and Margarita Island. South America has the ability to offer a vacation to challenge the mind body and spirit, along with some of the most beautiful beaches on earth as well.

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Las Americas Resort Spa And Convention Center

Toronto to Cartagena

Las Americas Resort Spa And Convention Center 4 star
All Inclusive | 21 Jan 2015 | 7 Days
Total Price
Hotel Cartagena Plaza

Montreal to Cartagena

Hotel Cartagena Plaza 2 star
All Inclusive | 09 Jan 2015 | 7 Days
Total Price
Decameron San Luis

Montreal to San Andres

Decameron San Luis 3 star
All Inclusive | 05 Jan 2015 | 7 Days
Total Price

South America Hotels and Resorts

South America is a continent crossed by the equator, with most of its area in the Southern Hemisphere. South America is situated between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. It became attached to North America only recently, geologically speaking, with the formation of the Isthmus of Panama. The Andes, likewise a comparatively young and seismically restless mountain range, run down the western edge of the continent; the land to the east of the Andes is largely tropical rain forest, the vast Amazon River basin. South America ranks fourth in area, after Asia, Africa and North America. It ranks fifth in population, after Asia, Africa, Europe, and North America.

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