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This is the first instalment of Ten Best Vacation Deals of 2009. The list features obvious sun spots, places that have been very expensive to visit in the past and some surprises. 2009 has been a good year to travel with excellent deals on old favourites and new surprises.  Learn more about why travelling to Honduras, Zimbabwe, Buenos Aires, Crete, Zimbabwe and even Cambodia is worth it this year.
Banff National Park in Alberta can be an experience of a lifetime. Banff offers stunning vistas of mountains, glaciers, emerald glacial lakes - such as Lake Louise, Lake Agnes and Moraine Lake. Although Banff receives tourists all year long (fall being the prettiest time of year), the summer tourist season brings so many people, even those who have never been around real wilderness before. Absence from experience, sometime leads to interesting queries…
Travel spots such a London, New York City, Hawaii, Aruba and Barbados are cheaper depending on the time of year. Such periods in the travel calendar window are called “shoulder seasons” or “off seasons”.  Hotel rooms in Hawaii are usually very high but if you travel during September- to early December you’ll find great rates. The same timing applies for expensive spots like Aruba, Barbados and St. Kitts. Did you know you could save hundreds by taking your winter vacation a couple of weeks earlier in January than in February? Many more tips on the best times to book your vacation this year.
We have some wonderful vacation packages for Spain this September & October as well as flights to Spain, flying to Madrid, Barcelona flights & flights to Malaga. The best part is the weather is still hot but the prices are more affordable than ever! The warm summer weather stretches well into October, line-ups around famous monuments in Madrid & Barcelona are small and the beaches less crowded...

Cruise Lines like Princess, Royal Caribbean and Carnival are having much success with incorporating Adult Only sections on their cruises. Friends & Family cruises are always popular but it took Disney Cruises Line to recognize that adults need a space to relax for themselves. Carnival Cruise Line then launched its own 'Serenity' adults-only area on its newest ships and upgraded older cruise ships as well, to accomodate. Princess cruises’ adults only section - 'Sanctuary' promotes relaxation and health but comes at a cost of $15 to enter. Remember, it’s your vacation too, so leave the kids by the pool deck and the guilt at home...

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