OTTAWA — The strong dollar and helped boost travel during June as Canadians took more than 3.4 million trips to the United States in June, up 2.1% from the previous month. An increase in all categories of overnight trips was observed.

Meanwhile, Canadians made an estimated 606,000 trips to overseas countries in June, unchanged from the record high in May.

Taking into account travel to both the United States and overseas countries, Canadians made more than four million trips abroad in June, up 1.8% from May. However, this was 0.7% below the level in December 2006, the highest monthly level on record since January 2001.

As for overseas residents, they made an estimated 392,000 trips to Canada in June, a 1.6% increase over May. Travel was up for seven of Canada’s top 12 overseas markets. Travel from India rose 7.3%, the largest gain, while travel from South Korea fell 5.2%, the largest decline.

Same-day car trips in both directions across the Canada-US border increased for the fourth consecutive month in June.

Americans made one million same-day car trips to Canada in June, a 2.5% increase over May. However, this level was less than half the 2.3 million same-day car trips from the United States observed each month between January and August 2001, prior to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

At the same time, Canadian residents made just short of two million same-day car trips to the United States in June, up 2.3% but still below the 2.2 million trips seen in the early months of 2001.