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You may have a question that is commonly asked regarding our services. There’s a good chance you’ll find the answer right here. If you have questions regarding the Red Tag Terms of Use or the Red Tag Privacy Policy, please click on the provided links.

How are the tickets delivered?

It is important that customers correctly input all contact information and check their junk mail / spam settings in case any Red Tag correspondence has been accidentally sent to those folders. Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the traveller to verify and check the information sent to them in the confirmation email (I.E.: personal information and all the travel product details such as flight itinerary, hotel reservations, etc.). If there is an issue with any information on your confirmation email, please contact immediately at 1-866-573-3824 or locally at 905-283-6020.

Once your online purchase steps are complete, you will land on a final confirmation page/screen which you should print to act as your temporary receipt. An official confirmation email will be sent to the email provided by you, shortly after your purchase has been completed.

Electronic Tickets (e-tickets) and supporting travel information is delivered to the main booking contact approximately 14 days before departure date. For bookings made within 14 days of your departure, your e-tickets will be emailed within approximately 72 hours of completing your booking.

See Red Tag’s Terms & Conditions for more details.

How do our customers know that with Red Tag, they’re getting the lowest price on their travel plans?

While surfing our site for deals on vacation packages, flights, hotel accommodations, cruise packages, car rentals, etc. Our system collects all the available options from airlines, tour operators, consolidators, etc. and organizes these options starting from the lowest price and other criteria selected by the client performing the search (preferred dates, number of passengers, etc.). Should a customer locate an advertised price that is lower than Red Tag’s price for the exact same product, we will match that price as long as it is not below cost. Although we make every concerted effort to provide the lowest pricing, occasionally circumstances that may include group bundle pricing, exclusive pricing agreements blocked space pricing, etc. prevent us being able to match every quote out there.

Why should I deal with instead of other travel agencies over the net?

In addition to offering a huge selection of charter flights worldwide, we have developed special technologies in order to understand the specific needs of Canadian travellers and implement those findings into how our site is set up. This structure enables us to showcase the best up-to-date deals on vacation packages, hotel deals, flights and cruises where our clients can easily see them.

How do I know my credit card information is safe when I make purchases on this site? uses encryption tools to protect credit card numbers and has security measures in place to protect the loss or misuse of any personal client information. As soon as a purchase is made on through our secure server, the card is protected against all non-authorized use.

Visit our privacy policy for more information on this topic.

I want to book a vacation that I’ve seen on your site but I don’t have a credit card. How can I book it?

You can always book “offline” with Red Tag Vacations. Call our toll free number to speak with a travel specialist at 1-866-573-3824. They will arrange the vacation, cruise package, flight or other travel plans for you. You can complete payment for your travel plans by visiting our headquarters with cash tender, money order or certified cheque (identification required). Red Tag Vacations Headquarters is located at 5450 Explorer Drive, Mississauga, Ontario, L4W 5N1. Payments may also be made via fund transfer, please ask us for details.

I have seen an advertised price on a vacation package that differed from the final price I am able to book. How can that be?

This may be a direct result of an unavoidable delay between the third party service provider and the most current tour operator, consolidator or airline selling price. Should there be a discrepancy between the initial advertised price shown on the website and that of the actual tour operator selling price; the latter, confirmed-final price shall prevail. A similar issue may also occur with flights that may temporarily show as available to book until you reach the final stages of the booking. In this case, the flight is most likely sold out and may take several hours to disappear from our site due to flight provider delays.

What does “Booking Status: pending” mean?

Some bookings are not able to be immediately confirmed and processed. If this is the case, your “Booking Status” in our confirmation email will show as “Pending” until certain issues are/can be resolved. There are several reasons as to why this can occur: a third party credit card may have been used and needs to be verified, names on bookings may be inconsistent or too long, parental consent may be required for an unaccompanied minor, etc.

Can I book last minute vacations online?

Certainly! Vacation packages and cruise packages can be booked outside of 48 hours from your departure date. If you would like to book a vacation between 48 hours and 24 hours of departure you may do so by calling us and arranging your travel plans with a Red Tag travel specialist at 1-866-573-3824 or locally at 905-283-6020.

Are transfer plans and related costs to and from the airport a part of my vacation package?

Keep in mind that packages with included transfer plans are usually “All-Inclusive” Vacation Packages (flights, hotel stay, meals, drinks and certain activities - all in one price). A notice addressing transfers will be included in your confirmation email with these types of packages (“All Inclusive Packages”). Tour operator cruise packages have included transfers also. These packages can only be booked with a travel specialist, so please inquire within for further details. Transfers to and from excursion sites are not included in any packages.

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