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Birmingham Travel Guide

The city of Birmingham, England began with a reputation as an intimate yet successful industrial town and has grown to become Britain’s second largest metropolis. The city is still known as the “The workshop of the world” as a quarter of England’s total exports are actually produced here. The people of Birmingham or “Brummies” as they call themselves are a culturally diverse bunch. In fact next to London, Birmingham contains the largest mix of cultures from one area in the country.

Like many major cities in Britain, Birmingham has strong Victorian roots and it is evident in the gorgeous architecture of the city. Many well regarded Victorian pubs in Birmingham can be found throughout the city. The oldest being the Old Crown which was founded in 1450 and the Anchor Inn built in 1797. Do not be mistaken, Birmingham is also a modern cosmopolitan city. £500 million has been pumped into the development of the city over the last twenty years and of course they have the emblematic Selfridges building making Birmingham one of Britain’s finest places for world class shopping, museums, dining and many more leisure activities.

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