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Saskatchewan Travel Guide

Visitors that come to Saskatchewan either use the province’s capital city of Regina or Saskatoon as a gateway to either The West Coast or to Ontario or the East Coast.

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    Saskatchewan is sandwiched between Alberta and Manitoba and Northwest Territories and the U.S below it. This largely rural province has a rich history in mining, agriculture and forestry. There are some spectacular national parks in the province, consider the Wascana Centre in Regina, North America’s largest urban park. Buildings such as the Saskatchewan Provincial Legislative Building overlook the park to create an image of modernity meets nature. Just outside of the city you have Prince Albert National Park - perfect for hiking and camping.

    Saskatoon is known as the city of bridges as it sits on the South Saskatchewan River and seven large and picturesque bridge settings. It’s a tranquil yet scenic metropolis and the most populous in Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan is loaded with several championship golf courses. The snow covered flat prairie land provides excellent conditions for cross country skiing and snowmobiling - as the southern part of the province is mild. is the place to plan your trip to Saskatchewan, with guides for shopping, restaurants, night life, attractions, accommodations and much more. We also have your cheap flights and low fares to Regina and Saskatoon.

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