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Barbados Travel Guide

Barbados Travel Guide

One of the main reasons people love visiting Barbados is because the gracious locals pass on a friendly vibe that gives you the feeling you are a part of the neighbourhood, even if your stay is just for a week or so. Barbados offers beautiful and pristine pink sandy beaches, as well as a rich heritage with a heavy British influence. After all, these people are nutty for their Cricket and tea time!

The East coast of Barbados is perfect for surfers because the Atlantic Ocean provides ideal conditions for premium surfing. Bathsheba (or soup bowl ) is a famous haven for surfers and Barclays Park and Bath are other popular beaches on this coast.

The Caribbean side of Barbados (or the West coast) where you can find the famous - Brighton Beach has calmer water activity and many of the island's luxury hotels and resorts. Personally, I enjoy the south coast, as it has the best nightclubs, interesting markets and comfortable, yet less expensive forms of accommodation. Swimming is also a treat off the south coast beaches of Brownes, Pebbles, Rockley and Dover. The south eastern coast offers the Silver Sands and Crane Beaches for calming waters as well. However, during the winter (December to April) the increased winds provide excellent conditions for Windsurfing on the Silver Sands Beach.

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