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Guadeloupe Travel Guide

Guadeloupe Travel Guide

Check out the marvellous islands of Guadeloupe, which lie in between the islands of Antigua and Dominica, in the Caribbean. The name Guadeloupe refers to the island's butterfly-shaped geographic look. The country is actually made up of two islands that are very close to each other and are actually connected by a bridge over the Riviere Salee.

The eastern block of Guadeloupe is called Grande-Terre and is famous for its white sandy beaches and numerous resorts. On the west lies the larger island of Basse-Terre, it has world famous rain forests, mountains, waterfalls and cliffs suitable for some amazing high diving. What makes Guadeloupe a truly unique vacation experience is that it's perfect if you're looking for an exciting tropical adventure, just relaxing on the Caribbean Sea or both. In fact the beaches here are nothing short of spectacular, usually well sheltered by coves, the calm waters make them perfect for swimming and scuba related activities.

Guadeloupe is technically a French possession (or French Archipelago) however the mixture of European, African and especially East Indian heritage are prevalent in Guadeloupe's people and their culture (including cuisine). They are a friendly and cultured people, many of whom speak English as well as French.

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