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St Lucia Travel Guide

St Lucia Travel Guide

If you are dreaming about getting away to a stunning yet petite Caribbean island paradise, offers cheap flights and comfortable vacation packages to St. Lucia. Located midway down the Eastern Caribbean chain, between Martinique and St. Vincent, it is only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. The Atlantic Ocean touches the eastern shore, making for excellent surfing and windsurfing conditions, while the beaches on the western coast owe their beauty to the calm Caribbean Sea.

It is true what people say about St. Lucia. It is a stunning natural paradise, perfect for exploring on those long nature hikes. On both sides of the island (the eastern & western coasts), the cliffs rise 2,000 feet up from the sea, protecting the spectacular rainforests where the most beautiful flowers and vegetation grow such as wild orchids and giant ferns. Dramatically-plumed tropical birds can be found in abundance throughout these forests like the endangered St. Lucia parrot. The rainforests are spread throughout St. Lucia, only separated by lush fields and large fruit orchards of bananas, mangoes, coconuts and papayas. The people of St. Lucia have a reputation for being warm and friendly and there are many colonial fortresses, small villages and open-air markets to visit. There is a broad array of exciting and exotic activities available on St. Lucia. The island's steep coastlines and lovely reefs offer excellent snorkelling and scuba diving.

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