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Belgium Travel Guide

Belgium is known as a tidy country with French and Dutch influences throughout.

  • Brussels

  • The history and culture mix with modern amenities in a tidy and organized manner. Belgians pride themselves on polite and efficient ways of dealing with things. It makes a lot of sense considering Brussels is the headquarters of NATO and The European Union (EU).

    Belgium roughly has a population of 11 million people. Approximately half of the country use French as their main language and usually reside in the Flemish Region, along the border of France. Dutch speakers make up the other half and reside in the eastern section of Belgium, in Wallonia. Along the border of Germany, German speaking Belgians reside. No matter where you head to in Belgium, communicating in English shouldn’t be a problem as most Belgians are multi-lingual.

    The Kingdom of Belgium has so much to offer including medieval cities (Bruges), incredible collections of Flemish art, lush landscapes peppered with castles, gardens and canals. Once you take in the diversity of architecture, art nouveau, culture & music festivals throughout the summer and savor in the rich tradition of varied desserts - you’ll agree that Belgium is an underrated tourist destination in Europe.

    Don’t miss these cities in Belgium: Antwerp, Bruges and Brussels.

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