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Restaurants in Madrid, Spain

Trying to find restaurants in Madrid? Here at we can help you find Madrid restaurants fast and hassle free. Our Madrid Restaurant Guide can help find what's best for you.

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La Trainera Restaurant

Some of Madrid's best fresh fish and shellfish are served in this simple and homely restaurant.
Phone: 91 576 8035

El Bocaíto

Bullfight fans will feel at home in this friendly and welcoming restaurant-bar that is decorated with fading yellow posters advertising fights gone by.
Phone: 34 91 532 1219


A well-known Basque restaurant that has been in business in the capital since 1992, it specialises in grilled red meats and fish.
Phone: 34 91 578 2497

La Ancha

La Ancha is a traditional restaurant that has been in business since 1940, specializing in Spanish home cooking using the finest fresh ingredients.
Phone: 34 091 429 8186


Abraham García has been one of the star chefs in Madrid kitchens since the early 1990s and he's had time to develop his own unique style.
Phone: 34 91 531 5222


A warm, colourful and welcoming restaurant on the main floor of a small 19th-century palace that serves traditional North American dishes and Californian nouvelle cuisine.
Phone: 34 91 521 3896

La Gamella

You'll be served inspired and creative dishes in a pretty dining room decorated with brightly coloured walls and lots of original paintings.
Phone: 34 91 532 4509


Errota-Zar is an elegantly decorated and prestigious Basque restaurant that specialises in serving high quality red meats and grilled fish.
Phone: 34 91 531 2564

El Chiscón de Castelló

An atmospheric bistro with an upmarket bohemian atmosphere that attracts Salamanca district's beautiful people and business types. It's built on top of an old coal yard and has been open since 1979.
Phone: 34 91 575 5662

El Rodizio

It's a huge, bare dining room where you choose your starters from a hot and cold salad bar and order main courses from a limited selection of barbecued meats that arrive at your table on skewers.
Phone: 34 91 504 3004

Mesón Cinco Jotas

Meson Cinco Jotas is one of five branches in Madrid of this chain of taverns that specialises in cured Iberian ham and tapas. You can order tapas like Ham and Potato Croquettes...

Alkalde Restaurante

Taste any of our delights and leave convinced that you will return to the Alkalde Restaurant.
Phone: 91 576 3359

El Espejo Café Restaurante

El Espejo Café Restaurante ... Basque Cuisine.
Phone: 91 308 2347

Foster's Hollywood

A good choice for a quick Tex-Mex meal. Try the house speciality, BBQ ribs or a hamburger or a spicy Mexican dish.

Botin Restaurante

Botin Restaurante ... Castilian Cuisine.
Phone: 91 366 4217


This typical Basque cider house is famous for its set price eat-and-drink-as-much-as-you-like menu. It specialises in grilled meats and fish.
Phone: 34 91 523 3450

Arce Restaurante

Arce Restaurante ... Basque Cuisine.
Phone: 91 5220440


Horcher ... Eclectic/International Cuisine.
Phone: 91 522 0731

Restaurante Club 31

Club 31 ...Eclectic/International Cuisine.
Phone: 91 531 0092

Casa Labra

A typical traditional Madrid bar since it opened in 1860, it's famous for being the birthplace of the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) in 1879.
Phone: 34 91 531 0081

Pedro Larumbe

This restaurant serves up ambitious versions of international dishes created by star chef, Pedro Larumbe.
Phone: 34 91 575 1112

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