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Acapulco Vacation Packages

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Vacations to Acapulco, Mexico - redtag.ca has made it easy for you to find Cheap Vacations to Acapulco from Canada or Hotel and Resorts in Acapulco. Book your Cheap Vacations to Acapulco Today & Save! redtag.ca has the latest and Best Travel Deals to Acapulco


Hotels & Resorts in Acapulco

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Vacations to Acapulco

One of the most exciting cities in the world, Acapulco is famous for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited water sports, first-class hotels, gourmet restaurants and the breathtaking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay.

Here you will find massive nightclubs that are state-of-the-art temples of sensuality packed with beautiful people partying until sunrise. Acapulco's warm water bay and pristine beaches have been irresistible to humans since the days of the Aztec Empire. The Spanish immediately recognized the strategic advantages of the perfectly formed bay and used it as their base to explore the Pacific. Acapulco was the only port in the New World authorized to receive Spanish galleons from the Philippines and China.

The fishing in Acapulco, particularly sailfish, is legendary, in fact, it is news when someone doesn't catch a fish. The snorkeling and scuba diving here is first rate and there are few things as exciting as simply jumping on a jet-ski and riding at full throttle across Acapulco Bay!

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