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St Maarten is the smallest island in the world to be shared by two sovereign governments. This display of neighbourly cooperation and mutual friendship has lasted over 350 years! Whether you want to visit the Dutch side of Sint Maarten or the French side of Saint Martin or have a taste of both, has your cheap flights and vacation packages to this beautiful island year-round.

Globally the two territories are collectively known as, St. Maartin/St. Maarten or more simply as St. Maartins. The borders are barely noticeable, so people cross back and forth without realizing they are entering a new country. Each side has managed to hold on to the personality of their own national cultures. St. Maarten has a busy port and lively commercial area that has always been dominant in the Caribbean trade and tourism sects. It is the more developed side however, due to the Dutch influence; it is more informal and laid back than the French.

The French side emphasizes comfort and elegance. The beaches are stunning and secluded, chic resorts provide swank accommodations and the restaurants are some of the finest in the Caribbean. Current French fashions are found in the shops and the intoxicating smell of fresh pastries mixed with the spicy aromas of West Indian cuisine dangle in the air. Intimate bistros and cafes provide a sophisticated flair to the island.

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